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Commodore 64

© 2000 Anubis


- Intro -

Coding by Red Redby

Logo by Cobra

Font by Lobo

Music by Olsen of Amorphis

- Collection -

Coding by Red Redby

Logo by Sign

2x2 Font by Lobo

1x1 Font by Silverstar

Loader by Explorer of Agony Design

- Collection Hits (Musics) -

'Gloria' by Mitch and Dane of Crest

'Sp. of Chaos' and 'B. T. Melody' by
Orcan of React

'Love T. Grey' by
da Blondie of Wish! / Singular
from the demo 'Love Turns Grey'

'Unknown' by Phobos of Samar Productions

'Wonderstyle' by Djinn of Fraction

'Unknown' by
Gregfeel of Lepsi Developments

'Dreamin' by Viscid of Neoplasia

'Mollusc' by Zyron of Oxsid Planetary

'Respect' by Fanta of Fuse

'Super' by Heinmück of TUM

'Free' by Randy of Scorn Technologies

'S. Poison' by Wacek of Arise

'Unknown' by Genius of Collision

'Get Loose' by da Blondie of Resource / Xymox

'Insider 7' by Echo of Plush / Bass

- Collection News (Musics) -

'Agent64' by Factor6

'Can I Write' by Manex

'Sweet Ricky' by Sad

'Bloch-Zet' by Welli

'Unknown' by Cleve of Charged
from the demo 'Crystal Sheep 2'

'Unknown' by Firebee of Axelerate

'Wave' by Klax of Axelerate

'Pornstar' by Metal of Vibrants

'Continued' by Phobos of Axelerate
and Glover of Samar Productions

'Think Twice 3' by Red of The Judges
from the demo 'Think Twice III'

'Meets U2' by Taxim of Sanity

'Situations' by SoNiC of Smash Designs

'C64 Family' by Cosowi of Plush

'Unknown' by Eye

'4 Collection' by Daf of Samar Productions

'Crushers' by Glover of Samar Productions

- Part 6 -

Coding by Ray of Unreal

Music by Randy of Fraction / Fatum

Released on December 24th, 2000