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Commodore 64

© 1990 Unit 5  


- Loader -

Coding by Nexu

Logo and 'Loading' Sprites by Thunder

Music by TDM of Royalty and Magnus Wahlberg
from the demo 'Metal Generation'

- Intro -

Coding by Palle

Additional Coding by Dae and Nexu

1x1 Font by Dae

Music by SMC of Mnemonic Designs

- Dasa DYPPen -

Coding by Palle

Logo by Brainpower of Adept

Font by Dene Carter
from the game 'Druid II'

Music by Link of Vibrants

- Pungkulla -

Coding by Dae and Nexu

'Mistress' Picture by Bob Stevenson
from the game 'Myth'

'UnitFive' Logo and Fonts by Nexu

'U5' Logo by Fizzy

Music by Hayes of Euratom
from the demo 'The Cat'

Released on May 1st?, 1990