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Commodore 64

© 1993 The Ancient Temple & Mayhem


- Intro -

Coding and 2x2 Font by Case

Logo and 1x1 Font by Satan

Music by A-Man of Action

- Mickey Picture -

Coding by Case

Picture by Satan

Music by Harmony Productions

- Music Collection -

Coding by Case?

Picture by Satan

'Start' Tune by Bat of Mainstream Resistance

'Loader' Tune by Andy of Graffity

'Rave - 1' Tune by A-Man of Arcade

- Music Collection -

'Rave - 2' Tune by Galancy of Atlantis
from the magazine 'Immortal Flash #15'

'Rave - 3' Tune by Faith of Epic
from an 'Epic Intro'

'Rave - 4' Tune by Jesper of Cheyens

'Rave - 5' Tune by
The Syndrom of The Imperium Arts