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Commodore 64

© 1992 Beyond Force


- Intro -

Coding by Gremlin

Font by Black Mail

Music by Page of Side B of Death Sector
from the demo 'Koff - Part I'

- XFlexer -

Coding by Sam

Music by Deek of Vibrants
from the demo 'Violator'

- Star Rats -

Coding by TNT

Music by Mixer of Origo Dreamline


Coding by Sam

Music by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise

- 896 Dots Scroller -

Coding and Font by Gremlin

Logo Font by Sparkler of Megastyle Inc.
from the demo 'Brainstorm 2'

Music by Zardax of Origo Dreamline

- From Morf -

Coding by Gremlin

'Statues' by SIT
from the game 'Tetris'

'Tree' by Redstar of Logic

'Skull' by JH of Death Sector
from the demo 'Heineken Part 2'

'Alien' by Black Mail

- From Morf -

'Lion' by Modern Arts

'Warrior Faces' by Hugh Riley
from the game 'Hammerfist'

Big Font by Silco of Paradize
from the demo 'Wet Dreams 2'

Music by Predator of Moz(IC)Art

- Ball Lab -

Coding by Gremlin

Logo by Max

Font by Scooby of Light
from the demo 'The Un-named Demo'

Music by Harmony Productions of Offence
from the demo 'Origin of Nuts'

Released on April 19th, 1992
at the Light & Phenomena Easter Party
in Alingsas, Sweden