Commodore 64

© 1991 Topaz Beerline


- Intro
Music by Coax

- Beerline Pub -
Coding by D'Arc
Graphics by HTD
Music by Coax
from the demo 'Heating'

- Xelor
Coding and Graphics by Rolex
Music by Rolex and Coax

- Scumball -
Graphics? and Music by Coax

- Jean D'Arc
Coding and Font by D'Arc
Logo by HTD
Music by JCH? of Vibrants?

- Dream Girl! -
Coding by Scapegoat
'Woman' Picture and Music by Coax
Logo by HTD
2x2 Font by Dr.Code of Browbeat

- Doomsday'91 -
Coding and Upscroll Font by Doom
Logo by Coax
from the demo 'Warming Up'
Normalscroll Font by D'Arc
from the demo 'Warming Up'
Music by Link of Vibrants

Packing and Linking by Scapegoat

Released between January - March 1991