Commodore 64

© 1990 Hurricane


- Intro -

Coding and Logo by Stingray

2x2 Font by DCA
from a 'Fantasy Cracking Service Intro'

Music by Stefan of Lazer

- 1st Part -

Coding by Stingray

Logo by Sta

Music by FMD of Fashion

- 2nd Part -

Coding, 'Sky' and Font by Sta

Upper Logo by Stingray

Lower Logo by Tron

Music by Jörg Schäfers and Frank Schäfers
of Rockin' Limited of Magnetix

- 3rd Part -

Main Coding by Stingray

Lower Scroll Coding and 3x2 Font by Sta

Logo by Strange

Music by Chris Hülsbeck
from the game 'Katakis'

- 4th Part -

Coding, Logo and Big Font by Sta

Music by Macmagix of The Ruling Company

- 5th Part -

Coding by Stingray

Logos by Strange

Music by Rockin' Limited of Magnetix
from the game 'Target'

- 6th Part -

Coding by Stingray

1x2 Font by Apollyon of Contex
from the demo 'Disease'

Music by A-Man of Tropic

- 7th Part -

Coding and Sprites by Chip-Tango

Logo by Strange

Font by Unitrax of Shape
from the demo 'Delirium II'

Music by Danko
from the demo 'Brutal'

- 8th Part -

Coding by Stingray

Logo by Strange

Upper Font by Sta

Music by Steel of Success
from the demo 'Posse One'

- 9th Part -

Coding and Fonts by Sta

Logo by Strange

Music by Link of Cheyens

- 10th Part -

Music? by Chris of Beat Machine of Dynamix

- 11th Part -

Coding by Stingray

Music by Johannes Bjerregaard

Released on March 15th, 1990