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Commodore 64

© 1991 Warriors of the Wasteland


- Intro -

Coding by Grapple

Logo by Yoga

Font by Hein Design of Black Mail

Music by Geir Tjelta of Moz(IC)Art

- Part 0: "FLI-Wobble + 10x5 Scroll" -

Coding and 'DD' Sprites by Stormlord

Picture, Logo and Fonts by Vinzz

Music by Tim of Modern Arts

- Loaderpart -

Main Coding by Tasker of Silence

Additional Coding by Stormlord

IRQ Loader by Ivo Herzeg

1x1 Font by Vinzz

Music by Image

- Part 1: "Spaceplotter + Pixelscroller" -

Coding and Sprites by Unix

Debugging by Stormlord

Font by Control of Offence

Music by Geir Tjelta of Moz(IC)Art
from the game 'Brain Artifice'

- Part 2: "50 Pseudo Rastersplits" -

Coding and Graphics by Topic of Traitors

Music by Guy Shavitt of Sidchip Scratchers

- Part 3: "2-8Pixel-8Charset-ORA-DYCPs" -

Coding and 1x1 Font by Stormlord

Picture and 1x1 Font by Vinzz

'Balls' by Hannes Sommer of Cosmos Designs

Music by Chris of Xentrix / Sonic Graffiti

- Part 4: "112-Sprite-Logo W." (Intro) -

Coding by The Overlord of Vision

Font by Paradize

Music by Coax of Topaz Beerline

- Part 4: "112-Sprite-Logo W." (Main Part) -

Coding and 'Ball' by The Overlord of Vision

Music by Tim of Modern Arts

- Credits-Note -

Coding by Stormlord

Logo by Canny of Gentlemen

2x2 Font by Spacie of Genesis Project
from the demo 'Delirious IV'

Music by Image

Linking and Crunching by Stormlord

Released on November 16th, 1991