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Commodore 64

© 1989 Atrix      


- Part 1 -

Coding and Logo by Zyborg

Music by Drax of Noise
from the demo 'Scancor'

- Part 2 -

Coding and Logo by Fly

Font by Fly and Diacom

Music by Link of Vibrants

- Part 3 -

Coding by Zyborg

Logo by Predator of Tetragon

1x1 Font by Poul Pallesen of Sodapop Gang

Music by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise

- Part 4 -

Coding by Fly

1x1 Font by Walt of The Black Lords
from the demo 'Bye Vision!!'

Music by
Edwin van Santen of 20th Century Composers

- Part 5 -

Coding and Sinus by Fly

Logo by Awesome

Font by Fly and Diacom

Music by
Ole-Marius Pettersen of The Troopers

Released on November 14th, 1989