A really nice first preview of a C64 Doom clone.

Commodore 64

© 1996 No Name    

PAL (small bugs on NTSC)


1 Player

Keyboard or Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Coding by Perff

'Intro' Coding by
Jeppe 'Ghostrider' Ravn-Grove

'Texture' Graphics by Kilroy and Celtic

'Bitmap' Graphics and 'Intro' Picture by Quac

'Gun' Design by Kilroy

Level Design by Perff and Kilroy

'Intro' Music by
Edwin van Santen of 20th Century Composers
from a 'Fire Intro'

'Note' Coding by Balazs 'Cellux' Ruzsa
of Faces from the tool 'Facenoter'

Additional 'Note 'Coding by
Mikko 'Delta' Auvinen of Extreme
from the tool 'Facenoter'

Additional 'Note' Coding by
Marc 'Chotaire' of Poison
from the tool 'Facenoter'

'Note' Music by Matthias 'The Syndrom'
of The Imperium Arts

Released on April 13th, 1996