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italics: Craze of Hysteric for Magascene
normal: Moskwa TV of Beastie Boys

Yo, Tim! Please tell me something about your person.

Well, my real name is Tim, I'm 21 years old and I'm 1.93m high, I have always short cutted hair and I like to wear black clothes.

As what are you working?

I'm working in a travel-agency.

What are u doing in your spare-time? Are u still sitting infront of your computer?

I'm organising my Depeche Mode festival in October, music-concerts for "Krupps" and "Nitzer Ebb". I'm also playing basketball and going to discos and parties.

Do you have a girl-friend?

Yes, of course. Her name is Andrea and she also lives here in Dortmund.

What's your music-direction?

I prefer hard Techno-music like "Poupee Fabrikk", "Nitzer Ebb", "Invincible Spirit" and of course "Front 242".

What do u like and what do you hate?

I hate all kind of Rap, House and Hip-House music!!! Why? That's no music; I can arrange such sounds in a few minutes.

and now some questions about your computerlife:

When did you get your 1. computer?

I got my computer in 1987. I bought it on my own. Only to play some games.

When + how did u entered the scene?

Together with a guy, who contacted me coz of hot stuff I build up the group Trans-X. We've cracked a lot of stuff and we get very high in the scene, coz of coop-cracks with Ikari. After this I joined a lot of other groups like Division, Triad........! Last year I was in Action for two or three weeks. I composed, under the name Flood / Nitzer Ebb / NEB, some tracks under the Action-label. Nobody knows about this fact. Just Airwolf, Spitty and I. But after some days I left this group again, coz the members didn't worked together. I saw that Airwolf was the biggest lamer of this group.

Are the Beastie Boys still alife?

Yes, BB are still alive. The leader is now Vokke (on 64). Also on Amiga a BB-section was build by Dirk Z.

What happend to the old Beastie Boys?

The Syndicate left 64 to join the Amiga. He also was catched by the cops so he decided to stop some activities. Management stopped, too. They were for some weeks in Action, but then they splitted up (perhaps Amiga).

What are/used to be your jobs in BB?

I programmed (really) some BB-Intros to join the group. Then I was just a swapper for a long time (and musician).

Are you still swapping?

No. I stopped swapping and all kind of computer activities since 6 month.

Have you ever ripped or re-cracked something?

Yes. Most of the games (except the originals I get).

Can you tell me what, or is it to much to write it down here?

I think it's too much.

Why have you began to ripp and 2 recrack?

Ahhh. It was a chance to get famous. The world has got a lot of good crackers, but I'm the best recracker! I think together with The Syndicate and Excell I'm the most famous single computer guy. The name 'Moskwa TV' will never be forgotten on this machine.

If you would start a new 'career' in the scene. Would you do it again?

No. I'm famous. Why should I do it again?

Please describe a typical lamer.

Just one word: Zack of Duplex. He's the typical lamer. Look at him and you know how a lamer looks like.

Are you a lamer?

I don't think so. Is it really a lamer, who gets #1 in every chart??? I can code, but who cares.......

Do you have some friends in the scene?

Yes, of course. I've friend in every big group. My best one was Dynamic / Triad, with whom I make a music-mag now. And also Boozer of Genesis.

Who are your biggest enemies?

There were no real enemies. I think a wars, I and others made against someone were shit. It was really childish.

Did you ever had or do you still have a war with someone?

Yes, of course with OMG and Zack of Duplex, but it wasn't a real war anyway. If I say war it will be a brutal one. Just say hooligans......

What do you think. Who are/used to be the best.....

Cracking groups: Ikari/Talent, Fairlight
Coding groups: X-Ample, Origo
Single cracker: Bod + Excell
Single coder: Thomas Detert
Graphicians: Thomas Detert
Musicians: Jeroen Tel, Matt Gray, M. Schneider

Who are the biggest losers?

Duplex & Oracle (a long time ago...)

Which group(s) would you like to join most

I think joining Fairlight or Ikari would be the most interesting thing. For a real good friendship and having fun I would like to join the old Ruthless gang. (if they wouldn't be dead)

Would you like to rebuild a dead group?

I did it with Elite a 3/4 year ago. With two other members I rebuild this group (nobody knows.....).

Do you give the 64 a chance for the future?

No. No games - no 64. Amiga is ruling in one or two years.

What do you think about Amiga?

It's great. Better graphics and more fun!!!

Have you ever been at a copy-party or in Venlo?

Yes. I was mostly on each Venlo-Meeting and on a Radwar-Party, which was very lame.

Have you ever seen OMG and Antichrist?

No, but who cares....

How did you get your handle and what does it stand for?

Moskwa TV is a very interesting Techno-music-group. I find this group and so I try to make their name more famous.

How often was you caught by the cops?

The police catched me at the post-office for two times. On the other hand the post catched me, too, cause of cheating stamps.

How did they get you? What happend?

One day I went to the post-office to get my sendings. As it was my turn, the man told me to wait for a moment. He said, that there are some sendings for me and then he was gone. I thought: "Oh nice. Some sendings." and so I was waiting. But then a door was opened, and...... Two police-men came through. No sendings! Just two cops! All in all I'd to pay 150DM.

You are one of the most afmous guys in the scene. Do you like it?

Well. It's really not so bad.

What are your feelings when you load a mag, look in the charts and see you on #1?

I don't care about this.

What do you think about BB. Are they a legend in your eyes?

I think BB and MTV are a legend on the 64 forever. Guys who don't know us are no real computer freaks.

In which countries are the best scenes? Why?

I think in Sweden used to be the best scene (in my times). There are Triad, Censor, Fairlight.... Also in Holland, there are cool dudes. In Germany there are nearly only shitty group. Forget it!

Well, Tim. That's all. Thanks for this cool interview!