Your girl-friend is kidnapped by the devil wizard. Being a kung fu ace you kick and box yourself through five floors of the evil's mansion. Early and addicitive beat'em up classic. Yie Ar!

Commodore 64

© 1985 Data East  


Disk / Tape

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 1 or 2 and Keyboard

Original Arcade Design © 1984 Irem

C64 Development by Berkeley Softworks

Manual by Beeline Products

Released in December? 1985

Imported to Europe on Tape and Disk by U.S. Gold
in December? 1985

Cover (Data East)

Cover (U.S. Gold v1)

Cover (U.S. Gold v2)

Manual (Data East)

Manual (U.S. Gold)



Playing on a COMMODORE 64TM, Kung-Fu Master requires:
- Disk Drive or Cassette Player
- Composite Colour Monitor or TV (colour preferred)
- 1 or 2 Joysticks


If you are using a COMMODORE 64TM:
- Rewind cassette. Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. 
- Press 'PLAY' on cassette player and game will load and run.
- The title screen will appear, followed by a computer-controlled
  demonstration game. You may watch the demo game (which will recycle
  itself in an endless loop), or you may proceed directly to the
  "Select Game Options" screen by pressing any key to begin. When the
  "Select Game Options" screen appears, select your game options.


To select your game options, press the SPACEBAR on the keyboard
to highlight the desired game option. When your selected option is
highlighted, press the RETURN key to make that choice.
After you have made all your game choices, the game will begin.
At the end of your game, the computer-controlled demonstration
game wall appear again. The final scores of your most recent game
will be represented throughout the demonstration game.
Pressing any key will take you to the "Select Options Screen"
which will now display the game options you made in your most
previous game. To play the same type of game as the last one, press
the RETURN key to select each highlighted item, and a new game will
begin after a pause.


You are the Kung-Fu Master. Travel through the wizard's temple to
rescue the maiden held captive. Use your own martial arts skills to
defeat the weapon-wielding henchman, dragons, demons and other
evil obstacles which stand in your way.


You begin your quest on the first floor and must battle your way to
the fifth floor to make your rescue. As you start you have three (3)
lives: each score of 40.000 points awards you with an additional life.
You must reach the stairs at the end of each floor before your energy
or the timer runs out. If not, you are defeated and lose one life.

Energy - Your energy level is always displayed on the bar graph at
         the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Timer - The game timer starts at 2.000 and counts down. A
        warning sound is heard when the time runs below 200.

To pass through to each floor, you must successfully defeat all the
obstacles and henchmen in your path. Climb the stairs to the next
floor. At this point the timer and your energy will reset. Once you
have completed the fifth floor, your quest is finished. You have
rescued the fair maiden. (Note: In order for the game to continue
after this point, you are placed back at the beginning of the first
floor Re-establish your quest, but beware: in this round, all enemies
and obstacles are stronger, faster and more abundant.)


Henchmen will approach you from either
side and will attempt to grab you,
depleting your energy. You need only kick or punch each
of them once to defeat them. Note: if the
henchman grabs you, move your Joystick
(or keyboard controls) rapidly left to right
to shrug them off.

Knife Throwers approach you from either
side wielding sharp knives. Duck or jump to
avoid the knives. To defeat them, you must
kick or punch them twice.

Snakes appear from falling vases as they
hit the floor. You may destroy the vase as
it falls with a skillful punch or kick, but you cannot
kill the snake. These snakes are small and fast as
they scurry by your feet. Avoid the their harmful
contact by jumping as they pass under you.

Fire Breathing Dragons appear from falling
balls as they hit the floor. You may destroy
the ball before it hits the floor or defeat the
dragon with a single mid-punch or kick,
but beware of the harmful flames.

Mystic Globes hover at your head and will
soon after burst into dangerous fragments.
You may use a jump kick or punch to destroy
the globe before it explodes or avoid the
flying fragments.

Dwarfs will approach from either side to somersault
onto you. Stand or use a single squat kick or punch
to defeat them.

Killer Bees will emerge from various heights on
either side to sting you. Kick or punch them once
to defeat them.

Guardians on each of the floors obstruct your
path to the stairs for the next level. You must
defeat the guardian before advancing, by
kicking or punching several times until his
energy is depleted.

You can control your player(s) with a standard Commodore
joystick(s). The 8-way joystick is more than adequate to indicate
which direction to move. The button will alternate between serving
as a kick and a punch button. As the play starts, the button serves for
a kick control. By pressing the Space Bar on the keyboard, the button
then becomes a punch control.


       MOVE LEFT  ---------+---------- MOVE RIGHT


                      JUMPING KICK
       LEFT KICK  ---------+---------- RIGHT KICK
                    SQUATTING KICK


                      JUMPING PUNCH
      LEFT PUNCH  ---------+---------- RIGHT PUNCH
                    SQUATTING PUNCH



The Commodore Kong Fu Master games offer one-and-two-player
modes. Note that since play alternates in a two player game that only
one player is actually playing at any one time Play alternates between
the two players every time a player loses a life. Should one player lose
all his lives before the other player, the remaining player is allowed
to play all of his lives out (without alternating to the other player)
until the game ends.

Below Is a chart of the points you receive from defeating each of the

                           Defeating with          Defeating with
Enemy	                    Left, Right	         Punch, Squat punch
                          or Squatting Kick	  or Jumping Kick
Henchmen			100			200
Knife Thrower			500			800
Falling Vase or Ball		300			200
Dragon				2000			2000
Floating Globe			1000			1000
Dwarf				200			300
Jumping Dwarf			400			400
Bee				500			600
Bat (From Monster)		2000			2000
Guardians			  ?			  ?


PAUSE game play.
To pause game play, press F7. To re-start the action, press F7 again.

QUIT game play.
To quit (end) the current game, press F1 of your function keys.
Quitting a game returns you to the demo game. From there you car
proceed to choose new game options.

To turn off the sound, press F5. To turn the sound back on, press F5 again.


any difficulty level
1. 223,841 Stig Remnes Kristiansand PAL
2. 195,841 TaximEssen PAL
3. 133,708 Ron Corcoran Phoenix, AZ NTSC
4. 87,459 Spider Wörth a. d. Donau PAL
5. 31,965 Rough Grafing 2nd Floor NTSC CCS64

Difficulty Level 1 (default)
1. 31,965 Rough Grafing 2nd Floor NTSC CCS64