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Build up blocks with numbers which increase when you put a block next to them. One of these usual puzzlers from Germany.

Commodore 64

© 1992/93 64'er Sonderheft  

PAL (graphic bugs on NTSC, unplayable)


1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Coding by Soeren Kress

Graphics by Jim Nowak

'Title' Music by Jens-Christian 'JCH' Huus of Vibrants
from the demo 'Mega-Demo '90'

'In-Game' Music by
Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen of Vibrants

Released in June 1993


1. 5,896 Adam Huemer Wien Level:10 PAL CCS64
2. 3,303 LBM / Dytec PAL
3. 2,707 The MeatBall of Digital Designs PAL
(n/a) 5,904 Jim Nowak Harsefeld PAL