The sequel of the famous sword fighting game in several locations is quite different. Actually you, as a modern robot knight, fight in three sections which equal game classics as Choplifter, Defender and Joust. It's not that bad as most revievers turned it down back in the days, some nice background graphics.

Commodore 64

© 1987/88 English Software  

PAL / NTSC (Section 2 flickers slightly on both)

Tape / Disk

1 Player in Sections 1 + 2
1 or 2 Players simultaneously in Section 3

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Coding by Jon Williams

Graphics by Jon Williams and Ste Pickford

Title Picture by Lee Cawley

Music and Sound FX by Wally Beben

Released in January 1988


Section 1
1. 12,075 Adam Huemer Wien Mission 2 PAL CCS64

Section 2
1. 11,050 Adam Huemer Wien Attack Wave 2 PAL CCS64

Section 3 - Standard Tournament - Novice
1. 11,000 Adam Huemer Wien PAL CCS64


Section Bypass Code
2 EBW 251
TES 945
3 XFG 606