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Commodore 64

© 1991 Alcoholics


- Part A -

Coding by Flexible

Graphics by Levis

Music by Diflex

- Part B -

Coding by Flexible

Logos by Levis

1x2 Font by F4CG

Music by Danko

- Part C -

Coding by Flexible

Logo and 1x2 Font by Levis

Sprite Font by Arny of Cosmos Designs

Music by Scorpion of Origo Dreamline

- Part D -

Coding by Bruce

Picture by Levis

Music by Rodney Balai of Audial Arts

- Part E -

Coding and Font by Flexible

Logo by Levis

Music by Iron Cat of Wolfen

- Part F -

Coding and Sprites by Bruce

Logo by Levis

Music by Scortia of Bonzai

- Part G -

Coding by Flexible

Logo by Levis

Music by Moon of Flash Inc.

Released in August 1991

Part B got a graphics bug
in CCS64 February 2002