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Commodore 64

© 1990 Browbeat + Motion


- Browbeat Intro -

Coding and Graphics by Dr.Code

Music by JCH of Vibrants
from an 'Ikari & Talent Intro'

- Motion Intro -

Logo by Disc

Music by TBB

- Lierobastard -

Coding by Dr.Code

Music by Topaz Co.

- Joopa Joo -

Coding, 'Field' and Raster by Dr.Code

Logo, 4x4 Font and Music by Topaz Co.

'Skull' and 'Browbeat' Font by Crash

- Fire and Ice -

Coding and Music by Oxygen

Picture by Crash

Fonts? by Zwizer

- Magnum 3 -

Coding by Stranger

4x2 Font by Apollyon of Contex
from the demo 'Disease'

2x2 Font by Proton

Music by Drax of Vibrants

- Scheiss-Sausag -

Coding by Hawkeye

Picture by SIT
from the game 'Tetris'

Font by Disc

Music by Reyn Ouwehand
from the demo 'Dignified'

- Bottlepylly -

Coding and Most Graphics by Dr.Code

'Worm' by Crash

Music by Topaz Co.

- Allies -

Coding by Stranger

Logo by Disc

2x2 Font (Letters) by Unitrax of Shape

2x2 Font (Signs) by Thomas Heinrich
from the game 'Leonardo'

Music by Hithouse of The Ruling Company

- Gournament -

Coding by Dr.Code

Picture by Crash

Font by Zwizer

Music by Coax of Topaz Co.

Loader by BKS Odenwald

Released on April 16th, 1990
at the Horizon Easter-Party
in Vaarby, Sweden