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The idea to set a RPG surrounding into a action fighting game is good, also the introduction and manual promise a lot, but the game itself is one big disappointment. Boring running around and battling with shit graphics. Ah, by the way, your mission is to find and destroy the Dark Queen...

Commodore 64

© 1988/89
U.S. Gold + Strategic Simulations, Inc.



Disk / Tape

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Development by Mr Micro

Main Coding by Greg Duddle

Assistance by Rob Nicholson,
Jason Heggie, Jez Nelson,
Ben Daglish and Simon Dunstan

Graphics by James McDermott

Music by Ben Daglish

UK Project Managing by Mike Wilding

US Project Managing by Bret Berry

Original Manual by Laurence H. Miller

Manual Additions by Louis Hsu Saekow,
David Boudreau, Pete Gascoyne
of Louis Saekow Design

Box Art by Jeff Easley

Adapted from the RPG
© 1988/89 TSR

Based on the module
'DLI Dragons of Despair'

Versions 1.1 and 1.2

Released in June 1989

Re-released on Tape by Kixx in 199?

Cover (SSI/U.S. Gold - Disk)

Cover (SSI/U.S. Gold) - Tape)


Cover (Kixx)



1. 792 Rough Kirchseeon PAL CCS64