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Two balls bounce through levels full of monsters. There is always one monster free to catch, the others drain your energy. Try to get the one and the next funky creature is your goal. Simple but funny entertainment.

Commodore 64

© 1990 Audiogenic Software  

PAL (NTSC flickers notoriously)

Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Concept by The Assembly Line

C64 Development by Double Vision Software

Coding and Graphics by John Harries

Title Picture by Herman Serrano

Music by David Whittaker

Includes Level-Editor

Released in December 1990

  NTSC fixed by
Murdock? of North East Importers

For cheatmode pause the game and type
'1SALLY', you may now choose levels with
the [+] and [-] keys or type '2SAM'
which gives you ten lives and maximum time



1. 145,056 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon Screen 006 PAL CCS64


Screen Password
011 GOAL
021 ROCK
031 ROLL
041 LEFT
051 JUMP
061 DUAL (2 player mode only)
071 HARD
081-001 USER (2 player mode only)