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Loat and Lence are two dudes who have to finish an alien an obstacle massed course. Difficult.

Commodore 64

© 1989-92 Magic Disk 64  

PAL (NTSC flickers a little bit)


1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Production by Double Density

Development by Little T.V. Men Software

Design, Coding and Samples by Mark Jones

Graphics and Level Design by Roy Fielding

Music by Marc François of Sonix Systems

Released in January 1992

 NTSC fixed by
MK and Massive Onslaught of Mirage


1. 4,810 Benson Isernhagen PAL
2. 1,150 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon Level:1 PAL CCS64
3. 730 Centrax T-Gory Level:1 PAL