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Head and Heels, two friends must destroy the Blacktooth Empire. They are inside a huge 3D castle, both of them have special abilities, and sometimes they can only operate together. There were many attempts to do a fast 3D styled adventure in the goold (I just wrote this accidently for good old) Spectrum Knight Lore style on the 64, this is the one. Good story, good playability and quick.

Commodore 64

© 1987 Ocean Software  


Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 1 and Keyboard,
or Keyboard only

Original Sinclair Spectrum 48K Concept by
Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond

Coding and Graphics? by Colin Porch

Title Picture by Jane 'JL' Lowe

Music by Peter Clarke

Tape Loader Music by Martin Galway

Released in May 1987

Original Price
£8.95 (tape)
DM 39.- (tape) / DM 59.- (disk)

Imported to North America on Disk
Mindscape in May? 1987

Re-released on Tape by The Hit Squad
in 198?

Cover (Ocean - Tape)

Cover (Ocean - Disk)

Cover (Mindscape)

Cover (The Hit Squad)

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Advertisement (version 2)