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Commodore 64

© 1993 Asphyxia  


- Intro -

Coding, Big Picture and Music by Jane

Small Pictures by Jane, Kruger and Zyphar

- Loader -

Font by Carrion of Elysium

Music by Jane

- The FLI Picture -

Picture by Anthrax

- The First Part (Hagar) -

Coding by Jane

Graphics by Sudo, Jane and Kruger

'Plants' by Sudo

- The Second Part (Necroplasma 2) -

Coding by Chris

Sprites by Kruger and Zyphar

- The Third Part (Double Screen) -

Coding by Chris

Picture by Jane, Anthrax,
Shaman of Taboo and Cronos of Charged

- The Fourth Part (Metamorphosis) -

Coding by Chris

Picture by Jane

'Objects' by Kruger, Jane, Anthrax and Chris

- The Fifth Part (Plotter) -

Coding by Chris

Picture by Jane and Kruger

- The Sixth Part (Strange Scroller) -

Coding by Chris

Picture and Font? by Jane

- The End Part -

Coding by Chris

Logo and Music by Jane

Font by Morpheus of Flash Inc.

Loader and Packer by
K.M. of Taboo and MMS of Taboo

Released in December? 1993