Gosh, it's monday and Arlene has fallen in the city pound. Now how to get her out? John has locked the refrigerator, argh, what to do when there comes a snack attack, and my beauty sleep. Time to get lasagna and avoid stupid Odie and Nermal the sweetest cat of the world. A nice action adventure.

Commodore 64

© 1987 The Edge  

PAL (minimalst flicker on NTSC title)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Music by Neil 'Demon' Baldwin

Sound FX by Jason C. Brooke

Adapted from the Cartoon by
© 1978 United Feature Syndicate

Released in December 1987



1. 600 Karsten Herford PAL


 First of all get the aniseed balls (which make Odie follow
 you). Go to the back door, where there's a bone. Pick it up
 and put it to the left by the door. Odie now opens the cat
 flap, allowing you free access to the rest of the
 locations. Go and get the lamp and find Nermal. Give him a
 good kick and pick up the clockwork mouse. Go to the health
 food shop and drop the mouse next to the man. A 'Donut'
 magically appears, which should be picked up - and be
 careful NOT to eat it.
 Go to the giant oscillating rat, drop the donut and it runs
 off. Kick open the chest and get the key that's contained
 within. Return to the starting location and drop the key.
 Get the trowel, walk to the hardware shop, and use it by
 the man. A dollar appears from nowhere, which should be
 collected. Return to the health food shop, use the dollar
 next to the man and get the bird seed. Take this to the
 right hand side of the park, drop it and a bird flies by.
 Leave the bird and go and get the key. Return to the park
 and jump on the bird (don't drop the key) and it drops you
 in the City Pound. Enter and walk right into the cell and
 Arlene is rescued. Garfield can now live happily ever