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Commodore 64

© 1989 Pulsar  


- Intro -

Coding and Logo? by Jog

Music by Jens Blidon of Lords of Sonics
from the demo 'Radwar V2 Party Demo'

- First Part -

Coding and Additional 5x5 Font by Toy

5x5 Font by Dolly
from the demo 'Trixter'

Music by Chris Hülsbeck
from the game 'Starball'

- Loader -

Coding by Toy and Jog

'Shields' and Font by SIT

Logo by Ste
from a 'Pulsar Intro'

Music by Matt Gray
from the game 'Professional BMX Simulator'

- Second Part -

Coding by Jog

'Fellas' Sprites by SIT

Big Font by TMC

Music by Oliver Kläwer
from the game 'Emerald Mine'

(Press [Space] to browse Pages,
Press [Run/Stop] to quit Part)

- Third Part -

Coding, 'Landscape' and Sprites by Toy

Music by
Ian W. Crabtree of Archangel Developments

- Fourth Part -

Coding, Logo and Font by Toy

Music by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Savage'

- Fifth Part -

Coding by Jog

Picture by SIT

Font by Deadline of Rawhead
from the demo 'Partysqueezer+'

Music by
Johannes Bjerregaard of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Nightdawn'

(Press [Space] to pause Scroller,
Press [←], [Ctrl] and [Run/Stop] choose Tune)

Released on June 19th, 1989