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Guess four letter words by exchanging one letter. Very lame.

Commodore 64

© 1997/98 ETC Developments  

PAL (NTSC bugs)


1 Player


Coding by Sven Jakob

Playfield and Logos by Mirco Stiegeler

2x2 Font by Damon Redmond
from the game 'Ace 2'

1x1 Font by
Oliver 'Scrap' Malms of Genesis Project

Title Music by
Matthias 'The Syndrom' Hartung
of The Imperium Arts / Crest

In-Game Music by
Jens-Christian 'JCH' Huus of Vibrants

Highscores Music by
Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen of Vibrants

Manual Coding by
Pawel 'Morris' Pawlak of Agony Design

Manual Music by
Johan 'Zyron' Åstrand of Antic
from the demo 'Beyond Imagination 2'

Manual by Stefan Wuest

Released in March? 1998

NTSC fixed by Donar of Onslaught