If you like action shooters with dark styled graphics and high skill level, this is the right one. Even two-player-mode!

Commodore 64

© 1989 U.S. Gold  

PAL (NTSC flickers heavily)

Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Original Arcade Design © 1988 Capcom

C64 Development by Arc Developments

Coding by Richard Underhill

Graphics by Paul Walker

Music by Mark Cooksey

Released in July 1989

Imported to Spain by Erbe in July? 1989

Imported to America and NTSC fixed
by Capcom in November 1989

Re-released on Tape by Kixx in 199?

Cover (U.S. Gold)

Cover (Erbe)

Cover (Kixx)


1. 52,000 Rough Kirchseeon Level 1 PAL CCS64