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Commodore 64

© 1990 Gloom  


- Intro -

Picture by TTS

Music by
Johannes Bjerregaard of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Stormlord'

- Part 1 -

Coding by TTS

Logo, Sprites and Font by Yazoo

Music by
Edwin van Santen of 20th Century Composers

- Psycho -

Coding by TTS

Music by Maduplec of NATO

- Part 3 -

Coding and Logo by TTS

4x4 Font by Orc of Black Mail

Music by Guy Shavitt
of Sidchip Scratchers of The Force
from the demo 'Vector-Victory'

- Part 4 -

Coding, Logo and 'Equalizers' by TTS

Music by Reyn Ouwehand
from the demo 'Dignified'

- 208 Sprites -

Coding by TTS

Music by Antti Hannula of Artline Designs

(Joystick in Port 2 to change Sprite Movement)

- Part 6 -

Coding by TTS

Music by Defbeat of The Ruling Company

- Note to the Demo -

Coding by Matt' of Tera
from the tool 'Notemaker v2.0'

Music by O'Neill of Amnesia

Released on December 15th, 1990