You habbed the bank in town. Now defeat the train guards and capture the waggon to escape. Entertaining coin op conversion.

Commodore 64

© 1987 U.S. Gold  

PAL (few flickers on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 1

Original Arcade Design © 1986 Data East

C64 Development by Damned House

Coding by Zoltán Kanizsai, Zoltan Czigler,
Istvan Ratkai and Ferenc Frank

Graphics by Melinda Legradi

Music by Istvan Toth Gy.

Sound FX by Mihaly Kenczler

Released in March 1987

Original Price £9.99 (tape) / £14.99 (disk)

Imported to North America by Data East
in 1987

Cover (U.S. Gold)

Cover (Data East)



any Level
1. 95,100 Stig Remnes Kristiansand PAL
2. 44,650 Karsten Herford PAL
3. 32,100 Rough Kirchseeon Stage 3 PAL CCS64
4. 30,250 Ron Corcoran Cleveland, OH

Normal - Level 1
1. 32,100 Rough Kirchseeon Stage 3 PAL CCS64