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Commodore 64

© 1990 Silicon Ltd.  


- Intro -

'Silicon' Logo by Harlequin

'Explicit' Logo by TPM

Music by Defbeat of The Ruling Company

- Noteparty -

Coding by MCD

Additional Coding by TPM

Logo by Cap

Font by Harlequin

Music by Zagor of Skyline Technics

- Double DYCP -

Coding by MCD and Gizmo

Upper Logo by Pac

Lower Logo by CBA of The Ruling Company

Small Logo by Gizmo

Music by Drax of Vibrants

- Part Apart -

Coding by MCD and Gizmo

Logos and 'Heads' by Harlequin

5x5 Font by Artline Designs / Contex
from the demo 'One Year Demo'

Music by Mixer of Origo Dreamline
from the demo 'Eldorado'

- Delascroll -

Coding by MCD and Gizmo

Logo by Snapp

Original Font by Amok

Music by JCH of Vibrants
from the demo 'That's Design'

- Hireshire -

Coding by MCD

Picture, Logos and Music by Harlequin

Font by TPM

Font Support by Ratman

- BirdofPeace -

Picture by Tim

Upper Logo by Gizmo

Music by Lars Hoff of Prosonix

- The End -

Coding by MCD and Gizmo

Logo, Font and Sprite by Gizmo

Music by Harlequin

Loader by BKS Odenwald

Released on December 23rd, 1990
at the Silicon Ltd. & Ruthless Party
in Utrecht, Holland