TITLE MUSIC (off)   

You are a detective who must find evidence and hunt gangsters in a hotel, use the elevator to move from level to level. This game was long expected and greatly advertised, and the result is one big disaster. The unfair (plus code bugs) and boring game play is only topped by the ugly graphics. Even Whittaker's music can't score. If you like a good clone of the arcade on your 64 then play Mission Elevator.

Commodore 64

© 1986/87 Quicksilva  

PAL (NTSC crashes)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Original Arcade Design © 1983 Taito

C64 Development by Binary Design

Coding by John Flynn?

Title Picture by Mike 'MD' Donnelly

Music by David Whittaker

Released in March? 1987

Original Price £8.95 (tape)




1. 13,400 Ully PAL
2. 8,800 Yvonne PAL
3. 8,100 Wim PAL
4. 4,000 Karsten Herford PAL
5. 2,600 Henk PAL
2,600 Rough Grafing Round 1 PAL CCS64