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Commodore 64

© 1992 Dunex  


- Intro -

Coding by CS

Upper Logo by Spikes

Other Graphics by Spikes and CS

Music by Yoda of The Paranormal Federation

- Greetings to -

Coding and Logo by Zyborg

Sprite Font by Spikes

Music by O'Neill

- Three M.D.O.G. -

Coding by CS

Logo by Spikes

Font by Crest

Music by Drax of Vibrants

- FLI Color Cycles -

Coding, 'Blocks' and Font? by Zyborg

Logo by Spikes

Music by Bappalander of Light
from the demo 'Brutality'

- -End of Years- -

Coding and Logos by Excention

Music by Reyn Ouwehand

- 3 Years Credits! -

Logo by Zyborg

Music by Reyn Ouwehand of Paradize

Released on April 20th, 1992
at the Light & Phenomena Easter Party
in Alingsas, Sweden