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Our world is mirrored into an equally looking but evil one (truly it's vice versa...). The bad vibrations are floating into the good world through a time window. Mad professor, stop the invasion by putting back certain objects to their proper place!

Commodore 64

© 1987 Ocean Software  

PAL (game won't start on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Coding by Colin Porch

Support on Coding by Dave Collier

Graphics by Andrew Sleigh

Music by Peter Clarke

Sound FX by Paul Hughes

Tape Loader Music by Martin Galway

Released in January 1987

Original Price £8.95 (tape)

Cover (Tape)

Cover (Disk)



1. 6,543 Neptune PAL
2. 2,300 Adam Huemer Grafing PAL CCS64