Billy and Jimmy Lee are twins and masters of Kung Fu. Billy's girl-friend was kidnapped by some gang, go and rescue her. This is a truly lame conversion of an arcade classic, the only positive thing is the title music.

Commodore 64

© 1988 Melbourne House    


Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Original Arcade Design © 1987 Technos

C64 Development by Binary Design

Music and Sound FX by
Charles Deenen of Maniacs of Noise

Released in November 1988

Imported to North America on Disk
by Arcadia in November? 1988

Re-released on Tape by Mastertronic plus
in 19??

Original Price £2.99

Also re-released on Tape by Tronix in 19??

Cover (Melbourne House - Tape)

Cover (Melbourne House - Disk)

Cover (Arcadia)

Cover (Mastertronic plus)

Cover (Tronix)


1. 23,000 Karsten Herford PAL
2. 6,450 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon Level 2 PAL CCS64
3. 5,590 TheRyk Berlin Level 2 PAL
4. 5,250 H.T.W PAL