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A nice adaption of Domino. I like the title graphics.

Commodore 64

© 1991 Visual Image    

PAL (small gfx bug on NTSC)


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Original Concept by Pixel GM.

Coding by Attila 'Atis' Olajos and Peter 'TSO' Szucs

Main Graphics by Attila 'Atis' Olajos

Graphics Support by Sidesector

2x2 Font by Zarky Baby of Cross
from the demo 'Bedlam'

Music by Tamas Plangar

Released in March 1991

  NTSC fixed by Lamers 'r Us


1. 32,200 Adam Huemer Wien Level - 05 PAL CCS64
2. 13,800 Jellyfish NTSC
3. 5,200 Sonic / The Sharks Offenbach PAL
4. 2,400 The Lemming PAL