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Commodore 64

© 1988 The New Aces + 2000 A.D.  


- Intro -

Coding by Droid

'2000 A.D.' and Small Logos by Blitz

'New Aces' Logo by Tiger Kid

Music by Laxity

- The New Aces Part -

Coding and Sprite Font by Panther

Additional Coding by Zorro

Ideas and 'New Aces' Logo by Tiger Kid

Music by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Starball'

(Joystick in Port 2 to continue)

- 2000 A.D. Part -

Coding and Logo? by Droid

Sprite Font? and 2x2 Font Changes by Blitz

Original 2x2 Font by
Banana of The Electronic Knights

Music by Laxity

Released on June 30th, 1988
at the Dexion Copyparty 88
in Nykøping, Denmark