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Commodore 64

© 1992 Hitmen    


- Intro -

'Sisters' Symbol by Hein Design
from a 'Hitmen Intro'

Music by
The Syndrom of The Imperium Arts / Sunrise

- Displayer -

Coding by Racoon

Logos, Pictures, Sprites and Font? by Death

'Hitmen' Music by
Reyn Ouwehand of Black Mail
from the demo 'Dutch Breeze'

'Electric Boys' Music by A-Man of Arcade
from an 'Arcade Intro'

'Faces' Music by Martijn Schutten
from a 'Success Intro'

'Sunrise' and 'Topaz Beer' Musics
by Andre of Antic

'Flash Inc.' Music by Moon of Flash Inc.
from the demo 'Moon Music Collection'

'Crest' Music by Cane of ADSR

'Vision' Music by
Antti Hannula of Artline Designs

'Flip the Flop' and 'Oxyron' Musics by
Iron Cat of The Ruling Company

'X-Rated' Music by Moon of Flash Inc.

'Fairlight' Music by Harmony Productions

'The End' Music by
Boogaloo of Skyline Technics of Horizon

- Note 2 Logoshow! -

Coding by Syllinor of Faces
from the tool 'Face TV'

Logo and Middle Font? by Death

Music by PVL

There's a hidden music by Death
in the 'Hitmen' logo part
which is not played during the demo

Released on October 8th, 1992