You are a safari on the hunt for the king of the Jungle, Congo. First you have to jump across the cliffs of the jungle mountains and then conquer the great river to catch the sleeping ape. Then everything again in a more difficult level. Nice classic.

Commodore 64

© 1983 Sega  


16KB Cartridge

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 2 or Keyboard

Original Arcade Design © 1983 Sega

Released in December? 1983







You  begin  each  screen  of  play level #1 with 5000 points. The
number of bonus points steadily decreased by 100 points until you
reach zero  and have run out of time.  As you advance play levels
the beginning number of bonus points is higher:

     Play level 2                                6000 points
     Play level 3                                7000 points
     Play level 4                                8000 points
     Play level 5 or more                        9000 points
     Each step taken                               10 points
     Jumping onto a hippo, fish or a lily pad     100 points
     Jumping across chasm                         500 points

When you earn 10,000 points you receive an additional life.


1. At the beginning of the first screen there are some safe spots
   on the far left where you can avoid coconuts.

2. To cross the bridge notice that the coconuts come in waves.

3. On  monkey  plateau there are a few safe spots near the rivers


Congo-Bongo  consists  of  two  separate jungle scenes. Above the
jungle  scenes  you  see  player  scores and to the right of each
score  is  the  number of lives that player has left indicated by
small  hunters.  In  the  middle a number indicates which players
turn  it  is.  The  bonus  points  and  the play level are at the
upper right corner of the screen.

Screen #1

The  first  screen  takes  you  to  jungle mountain. Here you try
to  reach  Congo  at  the top of his perch. You must climb up the
mountain  while  avoiding  the  coconuts  falling from the top of
Congo's perch. You lose one of your three lives each time you:

         1. Get hit by a coconut.
         2. Fall into the water.
         3. Fall off a ledge.
         4. Bonus time runs out.

When you jump across the chasm the cliff falls and you can't jump

You  then  climb  to  monkey  plateau. At the first level of play
no  monkeys  jump on you. At the second level one monkey can jump
on  you,  preventing  you  from  going  further. After the second
level  of  play  two  monkeys  can  jump  on you. From the fourth
level  if  two  monkeys  are on you and a third collides with you
they'll  throw  you  over the cliff. To get monkeys off your back
jump three times without changing directions.

After  you  cross  the  river  avoiding  the  coconuts  you  will
reach Congo's perch then automatically move to the next screen.

Screen #2

Now  you've  reached  the  great  river.  Try to cross the lagoon
on  lily  pads  by jumping on islands, hippos and fishes and once
you've crossed watch out for charging rhinos on the other side.

Just  as  in  screen  #1, the jungle dangers increase as the play
levels advance.

1. The lily pads shrink each round.

2. At  the  first  and  second  levels  the  fish wont open their
   mouths  to  snap at you. At levels three and four only the two
   fish  on  the  far  right  open  their  mouths. From the fifth
   play  level  up  all  four  fish  open their mouths to snap at
   you.  When  you  are  on  a fish that snaps you lose one life.
   The  fish  will  warn  you  before they snap by changing their
   color to yellow.

When  you  reach  the  other  side of the river you have to watch
for  raging  rhinos.  When  you  reach the sleeping Congo you get
to  give  him  the  hot  foot he deserves. After a brief pause to
enjoy  your  victory  you  automatically  find  yourself  back at
screen  #1  but  at  the  next,  more  difficult  play  level. On
screen #2 you lose a life each time you:

         1. Fall off a shrinking lily pad
         2. Get eaten by a fish
         3. Fall off a fish
         4. Get hit by a raging rhino
         5. Time runs out
         6. Falling off an island
         7. Falling off a hippo

Good Luck!


1. 102,300 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
2. 70,240 Champ Hannover PAL
3. 44,210 Rough Kirchseeon Level 04 - Screen 2 PAL CCS64
4. 42,270 Robotron 2084 Level 04 PAL
5. 36,420 TheRyk Berlin Level 04 PAL
6. 28,030 Karsten Herford PAL
7. 12,330 H.T.W PAL
8. 4,960 Shay CPC Berlin PAL
9. 2,900 Snowflake Berlin PAL