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Commodore 64

© 1989 Level 99    


- Introduction Logo -

Picture by 7th

- Intro -

Coding by Stringfellow

Logo by Steven

2x2 Font by Damon Redmond
from the game 'Ace 2'

Music by Markus Schneider of Lords of Sonics

- Loader 1 -

Picture by Steven

- Part 1 -

Coding, Logos? and Rasters by Marching

Music by Jonathan Dunn
from the game 'The Vindicator'

(Joystick in Port 2 to control Scroll)

- Part 2 -

Coding and Logo by Marching

Music by Invisible of The Famous Ones

- Koepkes Part -

Main Coding by Marching

Borderscroll Coding by TMF

'Heads', Logo and Big Font by Steven

Music by Jeroen Soede
from the game 'Artax'

- Part 4 -

Coding by TMF and Marching

Scrolling Picture by Steven

'Level 99' Logo by Dr. Cool

Font 1 by Spirit of Science 451
from the demo 'Misery'

Font 2 by Roger Rabbit of Fire-Eagle

Music by Jeroen Soede of Soedesoft

Loader by Oliver Stiller
from the tool 'Most-Access II+'

Released in April? 1989