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Commodore 64

© 1989 Venom  


- Page 1 -

Coding, Logo and Sprite Font by Duplikator

Music by Chris Hülsbeck
from the game 'Starball'

- Page 2 -

Coding and Logo by The Green Griffon

2x2 Font by Damon Redmond
from the game 'Ace 2'

1x1 Font by Natas Kaupas

Music by Laxity of 2000 A.D.
from an 'Ikari Intro'

- Page 3 -

Design and Coding by The Hobbit

Logo, 4x4 Font and Sprite Font by Morrissey

Music by
Edwin van Santen of 20th Century Composers
from the demo 'Cyberfunk'

Released in August? 1989