Eight rowdy wrestlers, each one with his own style, compete for the Championship Belt. You probably know it from zapping, but playing the computer game is much more fun than wrestling shows (you might not believe but there are still people alive who believe wrestling fights are real). Leg drops, body slams, drop kicks all the series of moves. But before the match: Throw sweet insults against eachother! Entertaining game.

Commodore 64

© 1986 Epyx  


Disk / Tape

1 to 8 Players, 2 simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Development by FRS

Written by Richard Ditton, Elaine Ditton,
Timothy Skelly, David Thiel and Lonnie Ropp

Released in October 1986

Original Price DM 29.- (tape) / DM 49.- (disk)

Re-released on Tape by Kixx in 198?

Cover (Epyx)

Cover (Kixx)

Review (Happy Computer Sonderheft)


1. 5,889 Phantom Shark NTSC
2. 3,130 Black Marker PAL
3. 2,465 Mad Magi
4. 2,180 Doc. PAL
5. 1,910 Onn PAL
6. 1,540 Rough Kirchseeon Match 5 Purple Hays NTSC CCS64
7. 1,310 RND / Triad Saltsjøbaden PAL
8. 1,000 Pig Penis
9. 720 Capt. Haddock PAL