Just a lame and too easy space game.

Commodore 64

© 1993/94 Magic Disk 64    

PAL (small bug on NTSC)


1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Development by Exclusive Designs

Coding by Eddy Scholten

Graphics by Marlon Regien

Font by Marlon 'Trash' Regien of Sunrise
from a 'Sunrise Intro'

Music and Sound FX by Mark Bramer

'Intro' Music by Mark 'Fly' Bramer of Varsity
from a 'Varsity Intro'

'Title' Music by Mark 'Fly' Bramer

Released in March? 1994

  NTSC fixed by
CBA of The Ruling Company & Success


1. 8,910 Hihi PAL