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This war game, setting is the Vietnam war, in three sections looks promising at first sight. But all parts are cheap copies of other game, Live and Let Die, Platoon and Operation Wolf. This looks too fast fast done. All the fonts are ripped from scene demos...

Commodore 64

© 1989 Gremlin Graphics  

PAL (titles flicker on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Development by Imagitec Design

Coding by Axel

Graphics by
Radar, Steph, Mick and Chris Edwards?

1x1 'Title' Font by Mat Sneap

2x2 Font by Star Frontiers

Music and Sound FX by Ben 'Benn' Daglish

Tape Loader by Axel and Joolz

Released in April 1989


				Butcher Hill


Section One - The River
Travel along the river in your inflatable dinghy to one of the three
jetties. Your progress will be hampered by natural obstacles such as
twists in the river, boulders and reeds. You must also avoid floating
mines and a barrage of gunfire from the enemy aircraft.

Fortunately, allied planes are occasionally able to drop first-aid,
ammunition and bonus packs. You must steer through the fast flowing river
to collect bonuses.

Section Two - The Jungle
Leaving your dinghy behind you venture into the jungle with only your
compass and the knowledge that the enemy village is to the North East. As
you make your way through the dense vegetation, you come across clearings
where the enemy forces have set up supply depots. These depots are guarded
by enemy forces. You must eliminate them. Under the threat of being
- More (Y)/N/NS? 
overwhelmed, you can retreat into the jungle (to do this pull back on the

With the enemy forces now aware of your presence in the area. Beware of
sudden reprisals. Should an enemy sniper jump out in front of you, aim
your gunsight and shoot.

Watch out for land mines!

Section Three - The Village
You have battled your way along the river and through the dense jungle to
the enemy village which is in the shadow of Butcher Hill.

Use your machine gun and grenades to eliminate the enemy soldiers who will
be running towards you. Beware of the soldier who will be hiding out in
buildings. Shoot at the windows to eliminate them. Alternatively throw one
of your grenades to destroy the building.

The game is complete once all of the buildings in the village have been
destroyed......only then are you the conqueror of Butcher Hill.

Game Play Instructions

The River
To move your inflatable dinghy push the joystick foward, and left and
right to steer. Use the Fire button to shoot mines. While the fire
button is held down your gun sight is visible. Keep the Fire button
pressed and move the joystick to aim.

You can land at one of three jetties. If you land at the first jetty you
will not have collected all of the equipment vital to the mission.

The Jungle
To move forward push the joystick foward. Pull back to about face. Push
left to turn anti-clockwise by 90 Degrees or right to turn clockwise by
90 degrees. While moving forward the diagonals on the joystick allow you
to swerve. If you have collected the compass in the river section your
current direction will be displayed on the right of the control panel.
To shoot hold the fire button down and use the joystick to aim. When you
encounter the enemy soldiers you cannot move until they have been dealt

You will come across several clearings. Some clearings are occupied by the
enemy. Shooting all of the enemy soldiers gives you extra bonuses of
ammunition and stamina. Pressing the Space Bar will exit you out of any
As time passes, night will fall. Progress at night is very dangerous. If
you have collected the image intensifier, by pressing the alt key you will
be able to see clearly.

The Village
You are allocated at a time period in which to complete this section.
Your mission is to destroy the enemy camp at the base of Butcher Hill by
blowing up the building with the grenades. The number of grenades you
have depends on how many you have collected earlier in the game. Enemy
soldiers will try to escape to bring back reinforcements. Try to shoot
them before they reach the front of the screen (should they reach the
front, you will receive a time penalty).

Push the joystick forward to throw a grenade. If you hold the Fire button
down whilst pushing forward or pulling back on the joystick you can
adjust the range of your gun.

Pull hack on the joystick to start this section, also pull back to restart
if you lose a life.


1. 3,456 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon The River PAL CCS64