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Bomb Jack's back and this time he has to collect treasure on 3D platforms. Several baddies walk their way on these as well. Nice sequel which does not have a coin-op as prototype.

Commodore 64

© 1986/87 Elite Systems  


Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 2 or Keyboard

Concept by Paul Holmes and Andy Williams

Coding by Mike Hutchinson

Graphics by Karen 'Kaz' Trueman

Music by Mark Cooksey

Adapted from the Arcade 'Bomb Jack'
© 1984 Tehkan

Released on February 9th, 1987

Elite Systems' release includes
the game 'Bomb Jack' as bonus

Original Price
£9.95 (tape) / £14.95 (disk)

Re-released on Tape by Encore in 1989

Cover (Elite Systems - Tape)

Cover (Elite Systems - Disk)

Cover (Encore)



1. 3,333,000 Ruben Spaans Brønnøysund PAL
2. 164,800 Steve Pimblett Merseyside PAL
3. 90,600 Terje M. PAL
4. 90,500 Helge Brede Bergen PAL
5. 74,900 Adam Huemer München Level 5 PAL CCS64
6. 73,200 Dave Pimblett Merseyside PAL
7. 50,300 Stig Remnes Kristiansand PAL
8. 5,800 Spider Wörth a. d. Donau PAL
9. 2,800 Snowflake Berlin PAL