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You are a rad BMX biker and have to go over finishing line just in time, during your biking collect cans of fizzy pop and bouncing wheels to get more speed and repair damage. Funny gaming!

Commodore 64

© 1987/88 Firebird    

PAL (heavy gfx and sound bugs on NTSC)


1 Player

Joystick in Port 1 or 2

Design by Col 'Rad-Boy' Fuidge,
Aunty Milton and Captain Creative

C64 Development by Gigglyworks

Coding by Jo 'GI-Jo' Bonar

Coding Support by Dave 'Ubik' Korn

Graphics by Paul 'Dokk' Docherty

Graphic Layout by Aunty Milton

Title Picture by Bob Stevenson

'Title', 'Go!! Go!! Go!!', 'Track Done' Music
and Sound FX by Rob Hubbard

'Highscores' Music by Jori Olkkonen

Released in January 1988

Type 'VIVALDI' and any key from 'A' to 'F'
to choose starting level

Type 'LSD' to view end-sequence




1. 25,104 Karsten Herford PAL
2. 11,276 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
3. 4,231 Mac Trier PAL
4. 4,166 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon Track 04 PAL CCS64
5. 3,055 Psychodad Bochum PAL
6. 2,164 Champ Hannover Track 02 PAL
7. 1,668 Track M Track 02 PAL