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Commodore 64

© 1989 2000 A.D.  


- Information -

Coding by Krush

Music by Jeroen Soede
from the game 'Artax'

(Press [K], [R], [U], [S] and [H] to continue)

- First Part -

Coding by Krush

Big Font by Access of Unic
from the demo 'Challenge'

Music by Wuiti of Pulsar

- Second Part -

Coding by Krush

Upper Logo by Comic

Big Font/2x2 Font by Redstar?

Music by Banana of The Electronic Knights

- Third Part -

Coding by Krush

Logo by Blitz

Music by Venom

(Button Joystick in Port 2 to continue)

- Fourth Part -

Coding by Krush

Additional Coding by Luxor

Music by Rob Hubbard
from the game 'Monty on the Run'

Released on May 8th, 1989