After the barbarian had defeated Drax' warriors, the evil sorcerer fled into the dungeons beneath his black castle. Vowing to wreak disaster upon the kingdom. Either choose the Barbarian or Mariana, a good fighter herself, they must stop Drax!!

Commodore 64

© 1988 Palace Software  

PAL (flickers on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Conceived and Designed by Steve Brown

Coding by Rob Stevens

Graphics by Jo Walker and Steve Brown

Music by Richard Joseph

Released in September 1988

Original Price
£9.99 (tape) / £12.99 (disk)
DM 35.- (tape)

Imported to Spain by Erbe in September? 1988

Re-released on Tape by Kixx in 19??

NTSC fixed by Jack Alien of Remember

Cover (Palace Software)

Cover (Palace Software) version 2

Cover (Erbe)

Cover (Kixx)



Review (Power Play)


1. 112,502 Adam Huemer Grafing Mariana Level 1 PAL CCS64
2. 65,675 Karsten Herford PAL
3. 64,508 Finchy Mechernich PAL
4. 56,007 Psychodad Bochum PAL
5. 31,490 Shay CPC Berlin PAL
6. 20,675 Spider Straßkirchen PAL