Another great fighting game from System 3, after Karate and Ninja techniques you battle one on one combat in Muah Thai Boxing. The player characters are huge, the music and graphics excellent, it's a bit difficult but playable. Enjoy!

Commodore 64

© 1987 System 3  

PAL (speed bugs on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 2 and 1

Design, Concept and Produced
by Mark Cale and Tim Best

Coding by Orlando M. Pilchard

Graphics by Hugh Riley

Game Music by Rob Hubbard

Digital Speech by Simon Nicol

Tape Loader Music by Matt Gray

Released in December 1987

Re-released on Tape by Summit

Original Price £2.99

Cover (System 3 - Tape)

Cover (System 3 - Disk)

Cover (Summit)

inofficial Manual

(c)1987 System 3

From the humble peasant farmers of Thailand came one of the 
world's most devastating forms of combat, Thai Boxing - the 
fastest, meanest and most exciting full contact sport in the 
world of martial arts. 

In this unique simulation of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) you must 
fight your way from the cliff ledge above your village, through 
the jungle and into the streets of Bangkok. Only after 
defeating all the street-wise opponents will you be granted the 
right to fight in the famous Lumpini stadium, here you will 
encounter the greatest exponents of the sport, the Bangkok 

By using unique and innovative programming techniques you will 
have to combat the largest, cartoon-like, animated characters 
ever seen and with the action set against eight way smooth 
scrolling backgrounds plus state of the art music and digitised 
sound effects. But beware, the Bangkok Knights are not known
for their chivalry. They will often surprise you with comical 
cheat moves and you might die laughing.


1 player game: joystick in port #2
2 players game: second joystick in port #1.


In the cracked version (taken from the tape version) you have 
to choose your opponent at the trainer screen. Here is the list:

A or 0 = Manchu Man
B or 1 = Dan Fists
C or 2 = Bambo Man
D or 3 = Killa Kale
E or 4 = Siam Sally
F or 5 = Mucho Mike
G or 6 = Daddy Kale
H or 7 = B. B. Butler

Of course you then have to reload to select another opponent.


F1 - one player game
F3 - two player game
F5 - toggle muzak+fx or just fx
F7 - change joystick operating system (easy/hard)

Commodore key  - pause
Space          - un-pause and begin game
Run/stop       - abort game


Within the game is the ability to change some of the games' 
attributes. This is done by typing a sequence of number keys.
This feature can only be carried out from the starting screen
before a player has pressed fire or space to start a game.

Key sequence        Attribute change (one of 15 colors)
------------     -----------------------------------
3070 to 3085           background multicolor 1 
5160 to 5175            sprite multicolor 1 
8280 to 8295            sprite multicolor 2 
8740 to 8755           background multicolor 2 

0000               Returns attributes to default values.


*********Joystick operating system 1 (easy):
When button not pressed joystick controls movements around 
the screen. 
When pressed it controls these actions (in clockwise order):

Joystick               Action
--------      ----------------------------------------------
up + left    - jump kick
up           - punch left/right (auto alternating left-right)
up + right   - elbow left/right (auto alternating left-right)
right        - shin kick
down + right - knee blow
down         - kick left/right  (auto alternating left-right)
down + left  - automatic block
left         - automatic block

**********Joystick operating system 2 (hard):
Find it out yourself, it is too difficult to describe...


Heart power - shows the fighters energy left to knock out. 
              no energy left is needed for a knock-out.

Punch power - effectiveness of your blows and punches.
              to restore power you must stay in defensive mode.

Timer       - time left in bout

Champion    - your score

Score       - score in this match

Review (ASM)

Manchu Man
1. 4,520 Rough Kirchseeon 3:0 PAL CCS64

Dan Fists
1. 4,170 Rough Grafing 3:2 PAL CCS64