This game is so crappy, it's boring to describe. A pity for some good graphics.

Commodore 64

© 1995 Reliance Productions  

PAL (NTSC bugs)


1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Coding by Marcin 'Flash' Máczka

Graphics by Wojciech 'Dune' Rabiega
and Marcin 'Flash' Máczka

'Title' Music by
The Syndrom of The Imperium Arts / Crest

'In-Game 1' Music by Matthias Hartung
from the game 'Vapour preview'

'In-Game 2' Music by
Matthias 'The Syndrom' Hartung

  The game is in Polish Language  

Released in November 1995

Re-released on Disk by Eagleware
in December? 1996

It is translated from Polish into English,
includes a new intro, a new level picture
and a new end-sequence

'Eagleware End-Sequence' Coding and Picture
by Marcin 'Flash' Máczka

'Eagleware End-Sequence' Music by
Matthias 'The Syndrom' Hartung
of The Imperium Arts / Crest

Translated from Polish into English
by Jaydee of Chromance

 NTSC fixed by Skinhead of Alpha Flight 1970
and also by Jaydee of Chromance
and also by Danzig of Alpha Flight 1970


1. 102 Rough Kirchseeon Level 1 PAL CCS64