You travel back in time and your future mum falls in love with you. Your mission is to get her together with your future dad. I cant help this game was just quickly released to have a movie cash-in.

Commodore 64

© 1985/86 Electric Dreams  

PAL (NTSC flickers)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Game Design by
Mark Eyles and Martin Walker

Coding and Graphics by Martin Walker

Adapted from the Movie
© 1985 Universal City Studios

Released in January 1986

Re-released on Tape by Firebird

Original Price £1.99




        This game is pretty simple. Your goal is to make your parents fall in love and go back to
1985. The photographs on the lower half of the screen are indicators of your progress; when you
get to complete the Marty McFly photo on the left, a piece of the right photograph will appear,
and the left one will go blank again. When you complete the right photo, your work will be done
and you can return.

        As you play the game, you will hear two different tunes. When 'Johhny B Goode' plays,
you're losing ground, your mother is in love with you and the photos are disappearing. When 'The
Power of Love' plays, it's the opposite.

        There are five objects in the game. On the street, you can find the skate on the left end
and on the right end too. You will see the skate icon turn yellow at the top of the screen when
you are in front of it. Press the button and move up and you'll get it. With the skate, you can
move faster. The same goes for picking up the other objects. To use the object on a character,
wait until he/she touches you, then press the button while moving down to use it. 
        You will see the other four characters in the game. Biff goes around, knocking you
whenever he can. He's just in the game to make things a bit harder. Doc will be around too, as
well as your parents. Your mother will follow you around always; your father won't unless you
use the book on him. You'll find the book in the school library. Once you get him to follow you
as well as your mother, go to the 'Enchantment under the Sea' party and move over to the
instruments, where the guitar is. Use the guitar on your parents (use it on your mother *and*
your father too) and they will get stuck on the ground (with some luck, closely together). Move
away and if you've done everything right, the music will change and the photos will start to
reappear. After a minute or so, the effect of the guitar will vanish so you need to repeat the

        Once you complete both pictures, they won't disappear ever again. Go to Doc's house, get
the suit and exit to the street. You'll win the game.

NOTE: I'm not sure of what the coffee does. Maybe it can delay Biff for a while; haven't tried it.