An Aztec tribe from Mexico gives you the ultimate challenge. Pass 7 tasks like avoiding warrior spears, jumping over wild creatures or climb up a wall where stones are throwen from above. Treasure awaits you. Again a cult atmosphere game by Cosmi!!

Commodore 64

© 1983 Cosmi  

NTSC (Level 2 has gfx bugs on PAL)

Disk / Tape

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 2

Original Concept by Robert T. Bonifacio

Coding, Graphics and Music by Paul Norman

Imported to Europe on Tape and Disk
by U.S. Gold in 1984

Re-released on Tape by Top Ten in 198?

Cover (U.S. Gold)

Cover (Top Ten)


(c) 1983 Cosmi

The game begins with the Cosmi logo and the title followed by the
player option selection. You may choose to play as one player by
pressing the function key F1; or opt for two players by pressing F3.

Important note: Until you have pressed one of the function keys, the
screen wil display short previews of the next seven levels you are
about to face. Next, the scorecard will appear showing Player 1 and
Player 2 level and phase information as well as scores and a brief
instruction for the upcoming challenge.

Important note: Since joystick functions change from level to level,
it is important to read these instructions until you are familiar with
each level variation.

Flashing in the middle of the screen is the player indicator, which
keeps track of whose turn it is.

Press the fire button on the joystick to begin the challenge. Each
level will offer five lives with which to complete the ordeal. If you
use up all five lives without succeeding then the scorecard returns
and, if two players, it will now be player 2's turn. As long as you
are unsuccessful you stay at the same level.

During each level, except level 5, the changing and building of the
background music will indicate the extent of your progress. You will
score points for individual achievements and receive bonus points for
completing the challenge.

When all seven challenges have been successfully completed the game
will continue directly into the next higher phase of difficulty.

Note: the RUN/STOP key on the Commodore keyboard will start the game
from the very beginning if so desired.