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Commodore 64

© 1989 Tera  


- Part 1 -

Idea, Coding, Logos and 3x3 Font by Bullet

2x2 Font by Banana of The Electronic Knights

Music by JCH
from the demo 'Paid in Full'

(Joystick in Port 2 to control Scrolls)

- Part 2 -

Idea, Coding and Logo by The Boss

2x2 Font by FBI Crew?

Music by JCH of Channel 42?

- Part 3 -

Idea and Coding by The Boss

Logo and Additional Coding by Matt

1x2 Font by Kevin Bulmer
from the game 'Gauntlet II'

Music by Jeroen Soede of Soedesoft
(tune's heavily damaged)

- Part 4 -

Idea, Additional Coding, 'Columns' and Logo
by The Boss

Coding and Additional Design by Bullet

Font by Unitrax of Shape

Music by Drax of NATO
from the demo 'Twister!'

- Credits -

Idea, Coding and Logo by Bullet

Font from the game 'Stealth'

Music by Predator of Moz(IC)Art of Shape

Released in December 1989
at the The Force Copy Party
in Adelaide, Australia