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Commodore 64

© 1991 Battery  


- Intro -

Coding by Solar

'Assault' Logo by Gothic

'and Battery' Logo and Music by Zorro

'Australia', 'Men' and Font by Hawkeye

- Part 1 -

Coding by Solar

Logo by Jester MC of Nova

'Birds', 'Fire' and Fonts by Hawkeye

'Man' by Heefa Reefa

Music by Thomas Detert of X-Ample
from the game 'Starforce'

- Part 1 - Leave -

Picture by Gothic

- Part 2 -

Coding by Solar

Pictures and 1x1 Fonts? by Hawkeye

Sprite Font by Gothic

Music by Reyn Ouwehand
from the game 'Last Ninja 3'

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- Part 3 -

Coding by Solar

'Robots' and Font by Gothic

Music by Metal of Bonzai

- Assault Note -

Coding by Joker of T'Pau
from the tool 'T'Pau Noter v1.0'

Music by Deek of Genesis Project
from the demo 'Violator'

Released in August 1991